Co-work on your projects with this open-source platform and tools.

The makers4humanity platform

Let´s stay in contact, compare our visions, cowork on solutions, crowdsource the prototypes, organize the action, create impact and spread the good news. 

Currently we are co-developing a wordpress-based platform incorporating the best open-source features as interconnected plugins. As this will still take some time, we start with these single channels for communication, participation, geolocation and co-organization:

  1. m4h- Communication(sorry, we´re still using facebook :-/
  2. m4h- ChangeMap(Mapping positive content and geolocations :-o
  3. m4h- Crowdengine(Realize projects with the crowd:-)
  4. m4h-MakerRoom (Coworking platform for real Makers ;-)

m4h-Communication: Let´s chat and share.

Facebook has developed into the most powerful tool for information and communication. We use it to reach out to interested people world-wide. Within the m4h, we use other communication channels but this is a good start to get in contact with m4h. Welcome!

m4h-ChangeMap: Are you on this map too?

Originally programmed as an interactive map for crowdbased disaster relief, we use the Crowdmap to vizualize befriended change-makers and give them an easy opportunity to locate and present projects in different categories.

m4h-Crowdengine: Realize projects with the crowd.

The best open-source crowdengine was programmed by Goteo in Spain. We have adopted it for m4h to enable the makers to easily present their projects and findi partners or getting help from the crowd.

m4h-MakerRoom: Do you really want to join us?

Our open-source co-working platform is based on Taiga-software, which combines kanban project management with free video conferencing tools and other features. Here, the inner team discusses, coordinates and works on the development of the "makers 4 humanity". If you want to join, please get in contact with a team member to get access for this section.

Open platform workshop in Berlin!

"Platform Cooperativism" is about reclaiming the virtual space for the common people, the common sense and the common good. By collaboratively creating a common m4h-platform, all can participate and benefit likewise. This co-owned platform provides a whole range of open-source applicatons, running on decentralized but interconnected environments.
To start with, we want to keep it simple: the platform architecture should be based on wordpress and include many open-source features for online co-creation. The development process is open: All makers for humanity are invited to join the team.

Within the 2-day platform coop event on 9.+10.12.2016 at the Berlin-based locations Supermarkt and AGORA Rollberg, you can directly jump into the process, as it is happening now...