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Will the crowd change the world?

We could wait for politicians, corporate businesses and religions to take all necessary actions to avoid the climate catastrophy, end hunger and establish peace. And we wish them all the best! But in the meantime, we´ld rather reach out to the crowd, to all the makers out there, that already work on solutions for their specific topic and  together make a significant difference . 
We might even be the critical mass already to change the world (a little bit or more). Who knows? Let´s give it a try and join efforts. In the end, we´re in this altogether.

m4h-Crowd: Let´s share our visions:

m4h-ChangeMap: Are you on this map too?

m4h-Crowdengine: Realize projects with the crowd.

We have started an  impact network of change-makers. Do you (want to) make positive impact? 

Then join the growing m4h-network:

- Open Hardware & Implementation

  • Open-Source Ecology

    Cocreation and open-source manuals of the most important machines for civilization.

  • - Social Design & Disaster Relief

  • artlab4

    Collective for culture and sustainability

  • Earthship Deutschland

    Building radically sustainable homes from recycled material 

  • Journey2Creation

    The Berlin-based innovation agency opens up learning spaces and bridges the worlds of corporate innovation and entrepreneurial maker communities.
    > Journey2Creation

  • SINA - Social Innovation Academy

    SINA is turning around life stories of suffering into positive catalysts of social change in Uganda. Its unique learning environment empowers youth to become job creators by nurturing innovative project ideas into social enterprises.
    > www.socialinnovationacademy.org

  • Kultur-des-Wandels (KdW)

    Regional network for glocal change in Hanover

- Digital Concepts & Solutions

  • DCrow

    cooperative platforms - development, design, implementation

  • Goteo Foundation

    Open-source crowdengine (Spain) and crowd-based project management

  • GreenNetProject

    Automatisierte Infor- mation, Präsentation und PR. Schnelle Verbreitung auf Ihren Kanälen.  

- Scientific Work & Education

  • World Health Innovation Summit

    We want the best health care system in the world, we want the most efficient and effective system so everyone benefits.

  • Learn-for-Life

    We want the best health care system in the world, we want the most efficient and effective system so everyone benefits.

  • WandelWerte e.V.

    Upcycling education, designs and events.

  • D´Art of Science

    Fun Science and Innovation based video content that shows DIY projects and then explains How it Works too. (Developed and hosted by Design Intervention, Goa/India)
    >   www.youtube.com/dartofscience

  • Wir bauen Zukunft

    10.000 square meter makerspace and sustainable development testing site in Northern Germany.

- Culture, Consumers & Lifestyle

  • Klugbeisser

    Vegan guerilla-catering in Northern Germany

  • Material Mafia

    The experts for materials and upcycling in Berlin support m4h-projects, whenever possible.                                     
    > www.material-mafia.net

  • Brown-Bread-Bakery

    Organic bakery in Varanasi and New-Delhi, that also hosts the social project "Learn-for-Life".    

  • Ree Organics

    Indian collective and shop for organic fabric and accessoires in Goa

  • Filming For Change

    German filmmakers, that document and spread the global change.

...to be continued...