Get in contact with the makers-4-humanity and their projects.

Contact the m4h team or your favourite organization/project:

Our growing m4h network:

- Open Hardware & Implementation

  • Open-Source Ecology

    Cocreation and open-source manuals of the most important machines for civilization.

  • - Social Design & Disaster Relief

  • artlab4

    Collective for culture and sustainability

- Digital Concepts & Solutions

  • DCrow

    cooperative platforms - development, design, implementation

  • Goteo Foundation

    Open-source crowdengine (Spain) and crowd-based project management

  • GreenNetProject

    Automatisierte Infor- mation, Präsentation und PR. Schnelle Verbreitung auf Ihren Kanälen.  

- Scientific Work & Education

  • WandelWerte e.V.

    Upcycling education, designs and events.

  • Zukunftspark Nieklitz

    This makerspace in Northern Germany is hold and developed by the organization "Wir bauen Zukunft e.V."

- Culture, Consumers & Lifestyle

  • Ree Organics

    Indian collective and shop for organic fabric and accessoires in Goa

  • Filming For Change

    German filmmakers, that document and spread the global change.

...to be continued.

.. and who is doing the initial work?

Meet the makers-4-humanity core-team:

We are only few people to handle all the work.
So please be specific and a little patient, if you contact:
> Joy Lohmann for concept, design
> Alexander Stellmach for technical issues
> Anna Blume for network, philosophy

Until a self-organizing and -regulating structure is established, the makers 4 humanity remains a project, organized by the German NGO Positive Nett-Works e.V.

Positive Nett-Works e.V.,
Limmerstr. 57 
30451 Hannover 
Mail: m4h@p-n-w.net
Website: www.p-n-w.net

Joy Lohmann, Germany

Social Sculpture / Strategy / Design
> Mail for Joy

Anna Blume, Global

Social Capital / Community / Process
> Mail for Anna

Vinesh Iyer, India

Music / Architecture / Community 
> Mail for Vinesh

Alex Stellmach, Germany

Platform / Open-Source / Hacks
>  Mail for Alex

Johannes Comeau-Milke, Germany

Design Thinking / Earthships / Strategy
> Mail for Johannes

Deepak Pathania, India

Innovation / Media / Education
> Mail for Deepak

Anshul Aggarwal, Colombia/India

Engineering / Proposals / Community 
> Mail for Anshul

Saskia Thomas, Germany

Culture / Education / Strategy                             
>  Mail for Saskia

Are you a maker 4 humanity too? 
Then please get in contact and interact.

Until a self-organizing and -regulating structure is established, the makers 4 humanity remains a project, organized by the German NGO Positive Nett-Works e.V., 

DCrow is the open-source platform project from Positive Nett-Works e.V. We try to get as many as possible likeminded platform teams together to establish a cooperative modular platform landscape for makers 4 humanity.